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blvktokyo: item 0001 – buscemi 90mm oceano

Listen up…This is Blvk mah fucking Tokyo Item 0001. These items are so hot that Jabba puts them in Karbonite. Stuff so hot E.T. phones home for the advance on his allowance. Stuff so hot Bruce Willis probably wore it in the 5th element…while banging Milla Jovovich (she told him to keep da shit on). Stuff so hot that aliens want to jack up our planet. Defend these items with your life, honor your Klan . This is mah fucking blvktokyo.

So let’s talk about these sky walkers mayn. Have you ever seen this kind of leather before? Buscemi 90mm Oceano this is some luxury shit. Well it’s the only one that isn’t brightly colored (the orange ones are whack btw and I would not be KAUGHT dead in the white ones). But my dude this is Oceano we talking about. This thing looks like an expensive handbag you wear on your feet. Why spend that precious hard earned money on your girlfriend anyways? Fuck da shit.

Okay so let me get into the details…talk about the specifications of this work of art. “Hand KRAFTED in the Marche Region of Italy, (ohhh shit that already sounds mah fucking expensive)  BUSCEMI introduces the 90MM in a pared back tribute to skateboarding (TONY HAWK N64 for evah).  No hardware, no handle, all luxurious and thick pebbled KALF leather with snake skin collar.  The piece also enjoys a thicker outsole for a lasting comfort throughout the day.” Shitttt…I jacked that all from the website. Fucks wif me.

Okay asides from the ridiculous price tag, not sure if these are in USD. But if you are in Kanada…add 30% on this shit and skip rent. Listen you need to start making moves. This is Blvktokyo item 0001 and I give it 8.5/10 Geisha…only because it comes in 3 colors. 2 whack ones and 1 pretty Oceano Juan. Komfort is unreal tho, feels like you are standing on top of a sumo wrestlers belly.

8.5/10 Geisha


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