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blvktokyo: item 0002 – tesla model s 70 d

Where do we begin with a car that was the boyhood dream of a madman genius and potential bond villain. The Model S experience is like Zeus and Storm doing tentakle erotika with elektrik eels . What’s my safety word again bae — ちくしょう (chikushō)? Darth Sidious did blow off the dashboard on the test drive. That is how krazy this bitch got, and the moment you step in…the moment you get out the experience is surreal. I asked myself — Wow did that just happen? This car is pure nasty evil…But all in a good way. Now obey yo sensei and hold on to your katana. This is Blvk mah fuking Tokyo Item 0002 .

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blvktokyo: item 0001 – buscemi 90mm oceano

Okay so let me get into the details…talk about the specifications of this work of art. “Hand KRAFTED in the Marche Region of Italy, (ohhh shit that already sounds mah fucking expensive) BUSCEMI introduces the 90MM in a pared back tribute to skateboarding (TONY HAWK N64 for evah). No hardware, no handle, all luxurious and thick pebbled KALF leather with snake skin collar. The piece also enjoys a thicker outsole for a lasting comfort throughout the day.” Shitttt…I jacked that all from the website. Fucks wif me.

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knife fights with khewbakka

Khewbakka is that friend that would take a bullet for you, or sleep with that grenade so you can get laid with her hot friend. This man is indispensable, he owes you a life debt. He is what we call the Khewbakka. We have wild stories of people we consider Khewbakkas. Every month we will be reading a story about your Khewbakkas the nigga’s that have your back…no matter what.

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